Production Release, February 18, 2017

New Enhancements

  • Navigation Updates
    • Made an update to the left-hand navigation which re-grouped the existing links into more logical buckets
    • Added a search feature, which allows users to find specific navigation links based on the title, and navigate to the appropriate page
    • The security role settings for the Administration tab have been updated to match the navigation changes
  • Status Filtering
    • The existing Status Matrix Tools Legend will now display a ‘Go’ button, which allows users to filter the status matrix based on the selected Statuses in conjunction with existing filter selections
  • User Type Visualization
    • User Type Admin Screen has a new option for Color.
    • There are 9 color options to choose from, and a color can only be applied to one User Type.
    • The system will default to none selected upon deployment, so in order to apply this update to the status matrix and assignment matrix, ensure to navigate to Admin Functions > User Management > User Type, edit existing User Type, select a color option, save, and repeat as necessary
  • Sticky Searching
    • Within most of the admin function screens, we have implemented the ability for the search box to remember the user’s last search.
    • Navigating away from the page and returning will maintain the search
    • Use Case: If you are editing a group of competencies that fall under the same competency group, you can now search for the parent group, edit each of the competencies, all the while the admin screen maintains the original search criteria
  • Formatted Rating Element Descriptions
    • Have included ability to format the descriptions of rating elements, including ability to add lists and check boxes
  • Rating Element Tab in Competency Maintenance Page
    • Previously, in order to add rating elements to a competency, you needed to select the save and add rating elements button, which would display a new page.
    • We removed the extra save button, and included a rating element tab on the competency form.
    • Can be accessed from both the competency table as well as the tree view
  • Experience Related Rating Elements
    • For those using experience tied to competencies, we have included an option in the rating element form which designates a rating element as experience related.
    • When selected, there is a new icon associated with the rating element
    • Within the assessment form, a tab for experience form appears, which gives visibility into the experience elements tied to the competency
  • First Look at Email Notifications
    • Within the Custom Notifications Admin Page, we included a manual notification email preview.
    • This component is intended to give admin users a first look at how the aggregated emails for notifications will function once they are implemented.
    • To send an email notification, search for a user, and then click the Send Aggregate Emails button.
    • Only users who have unread notifications will receive the email if selected
  • Update to My Settings
    • With the navigation clean up, and the preparation for email notifications, we have added some tabs to the ‘my settings’ page for users
    • Notification Tab – will give user control over which notification types he/she wishes to receive in email form
    • Mobile Device Management Tab – When selected within the security role settings, this tab will give user access to tie mobile device to Kahuna Mobile App
    • Icon Glossary Tab – moved icon glossary from Admin Functions to My Settings
    • Added Settings Link to My Settings to Upper Left Hand, under User’s Name and photo


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused Experience Scale Levels to not save properly
  • Fixed an issue that caused ‘Previous Assessment Details’ text to disappear from assessment form
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the removal of analytic objects from custom dashboards
  • Fixed an issue that caused rating element comments to appear differently from assessment comments when foreign languages were used
  • Fixed an issue where Learning Driven Competencies with expiration dates defined displayed the incorrect status
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