Production Release, June 10, 2017

New Enhancements

  • Status Recalculation
    • Along with the previous release’s rule recalculation enhancement, this deployment we updated the status recalculation process for Kahuna. Improving the performance of the system is always an ongoing process, and we will be monitoring closely this functionality to ensure that the recalculations occurring in the background have a positive impact on the user population
  • Status Matrix Updates
    • Update to the Status Matrix includes a freeze pane functionality which allows the user profile image to remain constant on the top of the screen as you scroll the page, making it easier to identify the user whose assessment is being looked at.
    • Additionally, we modified the Status Matrix Tools functionality to meet the freeze pane specifications
      • Instead of the previous tools bar, there is now a gears icon on the top right corner of the status matrix, if clicked, will now slide the status matrix tools into view.
      • A Submit button will re-render status matrix based on any of the filtering/toggles. User and Competency filters both still have a separate go button, to re-filter based on just the filter selections
      • Cancel button will return user to Status Matrix view without re-filtering results
  • Supervisor as a Filter
    • The ability to search for user population based on the associated supervisor has been implemented in several places
      • Home Page – My Filters
      • Status Matrix Tools – User Filter
      • Assignment Matrix Tools – User Filter
      • Competency Assignment Rules – Step 3 > Define User Filters
      • Assessor Matrix – Step 2 > Define Rule Filters for Selecting Users
    • When searching for a supervisor in either the Home Page, Status Matrix Tools, or Assignment Matrix Tools, the filter displays a ‘Supervisor’ checkbox selection.
      • With the checkbox selected, if you search for a user who is also a supervisor, there will be 2 additional options:
        • Supervisor – (User’s Name) – Direct Reports
        • Supervisor – (User’s Name) – All Reports
        • Direct reports will display only the users who directly report to the supervisor, while All reports will display any user both directly or indirectly reporting to him based on the user relationship hierarchy.
    • The Competency Assignment Rule and Assessor Matrix Functionality includes 2 new search selection criteria:
      • Direct Supervisor
      • Indirect Supervisor
      • Direct Supervisor will return any users who directly report to the searched user, while Indirect supervisor will return any users who both directly report and indirectly report to the user searched for.
  • Historical Assessments
    • Added a toggle to the Individual Profile view to switch from your current assigned competencies to any completed, general type, assessments
    • Included Security Role Configuration Setting on My Self and My Team for ‘Historic and All Assessments’
      • Selecting the setting on My Self for any security role, will allow users within that role to view the toggle on their profile
      • Selecting the setting on My Team for any security role, will allow users within that role to view the toggle on the profile of any user in their purview
    • The All Assessments toggle in the profile separates assessments into 2 categories:
      • Completed Historical Assessments – Any assessment which has been completed that is not part of the currently assigned requirements
      • Completed Current Assessments – Any assessment which is currently assigned that has been completed.
      • This will not display pending or any assessments in the not assessed status.
      • Note: We have identified one issue with this functionality, which will be resolved in a subsequent release. All Assessments tab is not identifying assessments that have been completed through import.
  • Self-Service Functionality Update
    • The previous release included self-service functionality to allow a user to update profile information and talent data to their profile
    • This release gives the same functionality and security configurations for My Team
      • Security Roles settings to allow any user with the security role to update talent data, name, or profile picture of any user within their purview
  • Reporting
    • Added a new report to go along with the new talent data
      • User Additional Details - gives visibility into the additional talent data fields associated with a user. Includes HR attributes linked to a user as well as their overall competence percentage
      • As with all reports, this includes a security role configuration setting to enable/disable
  • Miscellaneous
    • Updated logic on Hide Rating Element Descriptions setting for Proficiency Scales
      • When selected, if your security role is only default user, then the competency details slide-out will not display the rating element descriptions
      • Renamed Competency Type to Assessment Method
      • Removed the options that do not impact the way an assessment is performed
    • Updated the logic on assessment forms to load the data for assessment details and assessment actors in separate streams.
      • This should improve the performance of opening assessment forms with large number of named assessors

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue where pending assessment notification back button was not visible when using IE11
  • Resolved issue where Proficiency Scale table view was displaying incorrect information
  • Resolved issue where the total user count on User table view did not match the User export template counts
  • Resolved an issue where learning resources where displaying duplicate entries when searched
  • Resolved User Report issue where invalid relationships where being displayed
  • Resolved reporting issue where filtering based on a user was not properly displaying results based on assigned security filters
  • Resolved issue where creating a new user would not save when additional details tab items were not selected
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