Production Release Jan 16, 2016

Release Date: 01/17/2016 | Environment: Production

New Development

  • Competency filter on the status matrix
  • Status Matrix Ever-scroll/Infinite scrolling
  • Added filtering for country and region
  • Added an “Is System Locked” field that can be set on user records to prevent users from being inactivated during a full import.

Bug Fixes

  • Hierarchical object filtering
  • Current Status recalculation from Assignment Matrix
  • Corrected spelling on the Assessor Activity report
  • Status Matrix (IE9) expand and collapse all buttons speed improvement
  • Time Stamp format on Assessment made uniform
  • User Assessment/User Rating Import fix
  • Multiple rating elements listed on competency role report fix
  • Talent Finder step two and Competency Requirements Report, step two not rendering
  • Individual Status Matrix, Team Status Matrix, Assignment Matrix not rendering in IE9.
  • Filter on user admin screen not displaying results
  • Various improvements to the ETL import process
  • Unable to add Learning Resources on Rating Element edit
  • Assessment form invalid date fix (IE9)

Additional Notes

  • Added Database as a link under the navigation menu to include import and export functionality


  • Implemented security role sub-functions (e.g. access to Location within the Company function set)
  • Implemented security filtering for user, competency and competency role on the homepage analytics (user filter), status matrix (user filter), reports (user filter) and admin screens (all filters).
  • Implemented CRUD level access on the admin screens to control actions available within an admin function (e.g. view and create locations, view, edit, update and delete organizations, etc.)
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