Production Release Feb 11, 2016


  • Split the API so that Imports and other “batch” processing is on a dedicated machine and user activity is on a different dedicated machine.
  • Migrated the SQL Database to a state of the art brand new D3_V2 azure hardware from the current A3 machine.
  • Implemented token cache so that the token does not have to be validated upon each click.


Bug Fixes

  • Import process improved to allow Competencies with no External ID to be matched based on a combination of the competency name and competency group name.
  • Sort order for Rating Elements based on the line number in the import file to make elements appear in the same order as the file.
  • Fix to allow activation of a Competency after editing its Rating Elements via the Competency Tree View.
  • Ability to add a Learning Resource to a Learning Driven Competency manually using the IE 11 browser.
  • Security filter altered to allow the creation of a new Competency and addition of Rating Elements manually via the Competency Tree View.
  • Search Filters amended to recognize [] characters.
  • Assessment form call time improved by altering queries to populate the data that appears on the form.
  • Workflow Proficiency Scale setup revised to allow the ‘Read Only’ option to be saved when selected.
  • Spelling Error corrections.
  • Various improvements to HTML 5 scaling to prevent screen cut-offs.

Query expansion to return saved data for the Individual Overview.

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