Production Release Jan 25, 2016

Date: 01/25/2016 | Environment: Production

New Development

  • Country and Region criteria added to the Talent Finder, Location Report, Assessor Matrix, and User Competency Roles search filters.
  • Added a “System Locked” field to Job Functions to prevent it from being inactivated during full imports.
  • Help text added for User Learning Resource import file
  • Help text added for User Security Role Filter import file
  • Added additional toggles to Team Status Matrix (Direct Reports, All Reports, People I Assess, Everyone) to allow for more precise viewing of users based on relationships. Details can be found in Tips and Tricks on the below link at the Kahuna Support Desk.


Bug Fixes

  • Competency Requirements Report compatible with all competency hierarchies.
  • Smoother Rating Element editing experience. Rating Element text is always displayed.
  • User Security user table no longer stuck in ‘Processing’
  • Manual User creation fixes. Problem resolved with saving a manually created user and ensuring all Advanced Details are saved for users.
  • ‘Supervisor’ Security Role reflects actual privileges in the system
  • Search Filter enhanced to display all results in the Competency Role/Competency Assignment function.
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