Production Release March 5, 2016

New Development

  • Error Logs have been added to the Import History tab. This new modification shows more information for each import, including the status as well as a summary of the number of affected records.
  • Optimized assessment submit process in Individual Profile.
  • Added configuration setting to add or prevent adding of learning resource data through assessment form.
  • Added Navigational ‘Back’ button for online reports
  • Added 3 new Export Templates:
    • User Basic – Displays user contact information along with username and personnel number
    • User Relationship – Displays relationships between supervisors and direct reports
    • User Security Role Filter – Displays the security roles and filters applied to users


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue preventing Competency Export Template from downloading.
  • Fixed issue where duplicate roles appeared in Competency details.
  • Corrected misspelling in Competency Role Import help text.
  • Fixed issue in Competency Assignment Rules, where users who did not match criteria were being assigned competency roles
  • Fixed issue where Competency status was not updating on Learning Driven Competencies
  • Fixed issue where Recommended Training was not being displayed in the individual profile
  • Fixed an issue where Assessor Competency grid was not consistently displaying assessors based on ‘specific user’ assessment rules
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