Production Release April 2, 2016

New Functionality

Assessor Matrix Updated Functionality

  • Assessor Competencies function has been removed from Kahuna, and integrated into the Assessor Matrix rules. The functionality allows for the rules to dictate which users and which competencies the assessment actor can assess.
    • The first step of the Assessor Matrix includes the ability to select the users through the use of filters. The functionality remained the same, with the exception of including the ability to define specific users through the use of a user filter, where an admin can limit the rule to a specific user. Also included is an Assign All check where the rule could apply to all users in the system, if needed.
    • The next step is the new Competency population area, where the admin dictates which competencies apply to the rule. If all competencies for the user group apply, there is an Assign All check, to simplify the process. Otherwise the ability to select individual Competency Groups or Competencies through the use of a tree structure is included. Also available is the ability to select Competency Roles. This allows for the creation of rules based on users with specific competency roles to be assessed only in the competencies assigned within the role.
    • The last section of the Assessor Matrix, the assessor types for workflow roles, remains unchanged.
  • We added some additional functionality to the Assessor Matrix Rules Table. There is a new column in the table which displays the Assessors associated with the rule. If you click on the (?) icon, a pop-up with the workflow agents will be displayed, including the names, usernames, and personnel # or specified users. System defined actors, such as Supervisor are also listed if they are actors in the workflow rule.
  • Included in this functionality, is the ability to search for the actors. For example, if you type Supervisor in the search bar, every rule where the supervisor is an actor, will be displayed as a result. On the other hand, you have the ability to search for named assessors, using either name, username, or personnel #, and the rules where the specified user is a named actor will display in the results.

Assignment Rules Updated Functionality

The enhancement to the Competency Assignment Rules is twofold. First, we gave admins the ability to define whether a rule will run automatically, or manually. Second, we updated the rule logic to remove roles or competencies from users who no longer fulfill the rule selection criteria.

  • The ability to select whether a rule is manual or automatic is in the rule creation screen, after designating a rule name, designating a rule type, either automatic update, or manual confirmation.
  • The Competency Assignment Rule Table displays some new information pertaining to the rule assignments.
    • Automatic rules display a green information button, which if clicked, displays some information regarding the rule, most notably are the users that the rule has been applied to. Clicking on a user name displays a pop-up, which give more information regarding the user.
    • Manual rules have the same green information button, as well as a red exclamation mark button, which is used to preview and run the rule. This box displays the users who fulfill the rule and users who no longer fulfill. This gives the admin the ability to select which users this rule should run for. If there is a specific user who fits the rule criteria, but should not necessarily be assigned the role or competency, you now have the ability to exclude the user from having the rule applied, by having the ability to select or deselect users to apply the rule to.
  • The logic on removing a role or competency from a user who no longer fits the rule criteria is handled automatically upon user update for automatic rules, and through the rules admin screen for manual rules.


Bug Fixes

  • Fix to Full User Import files to ensure Users are inactivated when dictated.
  • Assessor Matrix now requires User and Competency filters to be applied.
  • Experience forms always show appropriate unit of measure, based on parameters set for the experience scale.
  • Fix to Import History to display error messages when applicable.
  • Fix applied to Rating Element imports to make sure they are correctly displayed on the Assessment Form.
  • Security filter altered to include searchable results for both active and inactive users for the admin User table.
  • Competency Group admin screen now displays search results.
  • Location Report allows for a filtered report to be generated and downloaded as a csv.
  • Status Matrix shows accurate results for results when utilizing the ‘People I Assess” tab.
  • Security Filters enhanced to display Competencies and Competency Roles for Users assigned to a Supervisor. Supervisors can now search for the Competencies and Competency Roles assigned to their people.
  • Status calculation fixed to ensure the Status Icon represents Assessment proficiency level vs. Role expectation.
  • Fix to prevent Assessments from reverting a ‘Not Competent’ status to a ‘Not Assessed’ status.
  • Assessment logic updated to ensure that the most recent changes will always be displayed on the current User Assessment.
  • Searching for a User Type on the Home Page Analytics screen always returns results.
  • Fix to Single-Sign-On functionality to prevent security Certificate Errors from occurring.
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