Production Release April 16, 2016

New Development

  • System wide change to replace the status label of ‘Not Competent’ to ‘Not Yet Competent’
  • Import and Export functionality to the upgraded Assessor Matrix Rules
  • Import and Export functionality to the upgraded Competency Assignment Rules
  • Assessor Maintenance Import – to allow for adding or removing assessors from existing Assessor Matrix Rules
  • Update to the Import History Log View Details – Added an Event Log, which displays the different events occurring during the file import, as well as the start and end time of each event


Bug Fixes

  • User and Competency Filter selections are now required when creating an Assessor Matrix Rule through the admin screen or importer
  • User filter selections are now required when creating a Competency Assignment Rule through the admin screen or importer
  • The Competency Role selection list in the competency filter section of the Assessor Matrix is now in alphabetical order
  • Special characters are now searchable in the Assessor Matrix search filter
  • Included additional attributes on user pop up in the Competency Assignment Rules admin page
  • Added Username to displayed users when selecting the Preview Users button in the Competency Assignment Rules creation page
  • Made more responsive tiles for the users in the Preview and Run Rule button of the Competency Assignment Rules Admin Page
  • Prevented the creation of duplicate user relationships when both username and personnel number used
  • Made a change in the Export template downloader to ensure the exports are displaying the correct information in the appropriate fields
  • Fixed an issue where inactive Learning Resources were displayed in Rating Elements
  • Fixed an issue where inactive Competency Roles were displayed in the Competency Role Mappings Admin Screen
  • Corrected an issue where imports appeared to be processing, when import had already succeeded
  • Deployed various fixes pertaining to how the import history data is displayed
  • Deployed a solution to prevent rating element order to change when removing rating elements from a competency through the rating element edit page
  • Inactive users will no longer appear in the User Competency Roles Admin Screen
  • Corrected a problem with the Manage User Competency Role Assignment Page, where users could see more roles than were defined in the Security Filters
  • Fixed an issue where the Manage Multiple Users page was not properly removing User Type
  • Check in place to prevent duplicate Security Roles from being assigned to Users
  • Toggle details will now flow properly through the toggle options when backing out of Individual Profile
  • Security Filter will now allow the filter type to update when saving
  • Competencies with experience elements will now display properly to new users
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