Production Release May 7, 2016

New Functionality

  • Implemented new Redis Caching infrastructure to fully leverage cached data while navigating throughout Kahuna. Initial state will enable all cached data to be stored in a separate server to allow access of data regardless of instance. The future state will be leveraged to provide increased performance.
  • 20 MB upper limit established for attachments uploaded to Competencies and Rating Elements. Provided an indication of file size limit in the assessment, as well as an error message if a file exceeds the limit.
  • New ‘Event Log’ added to Import History tab. This log records the phases and times of every file that is imported into the database.
  • New Export template added for Learning Driven Rating Elements. The existing User Learning History export file has been modified to accommodate all new fields.
  • New Help Link option added for the Talent Finder page.
  • Added an indicator in the User admin screen to denote required fields


Bug Fixes

  • Check in place to prevent duplicate Competency Roles from being assigned to users.
  • Caching issue resolved to allow newly appointed Security Roles to save properly.
  • Assessor Activity Report modified so that all data in the online version and the downloaded csv is consistent.
  • Competency Requirements by Role report fixed to prevent duplicate Rating Elements from appearing in downloaded csv’s.
  • Workflows corrected to prevent the “Prepare and Initiate” phase from appearing incongruously on the Assessment Form.
  • Assessment Forms revised to confirm the correct Assessor is displayed for the correct employee.
  • Assessment Forms fixed to prevent duplicate Competency Roles from showing in the Competency Source section.
  • Fix to the Assessment Rule Import to allow successful ‘Full’ and ‘Delta’ imports.
  • Competency Export template modified to allow direct re-importing into the database.
  • Importer errors improved to display rows where errors occur with some helpful text to identify the discrepancy.
  • Import event details now display correctly whether an import is a ‘Full’ or ‘Delta’ import.
  • Fix to Import history to display newly created rules as “Added” and updated rules as “Updated”
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