Production Release June 4, 2016

New Development

  • Queueing and Service for Recalcs – applied the service logic to the User import process. The service is designed to handle one Recalc request at a time, and will be leveraged in the future to include all import files which trigger status recalcs.
  • User Delta Logic and Blank Import Cells – specifies the logic for user imports, when a field in the import file is left blank, the values in the system remains unchanged. Therefore, the delta recalc logic should exclude any blank fields
  • Deployed a migration to a new SQL Server 2016 environment – will be leveraged to improve performance


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue on the Home Page Analytics Status Counts, where the count displayed did not match the assessment data on certain inactive competencies.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented users from being inactivated when excluded from a full user import file
  • Fixed an issue where user relationships were not being created properly during import
  • Fixed an issue where recalculations were not triggering upon saving a user or competency from the admin screen.
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