Production Release, June 18, 2016

New Development

  • Made a change to the Talent Finder results, to display the individual profile for the user when clicking on the result image
  • Implemented enhanced logic in the Caching Service to allow for faster navigation back to a page.
  • Improved initial render time on Competency Admin Screen

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented user relationships to appear correctly after a user import.
  • Adjusted the query for the User Relationship Export Template, to prevent duplicate relationships from appearing
  • Corrected an erroneous error message appearing when attempting to create mass user relationships
  • Made a change to the Assignment Matrix to prevent inactive users from appearing in the results
  • Modified an inconsistency when saving a Competency Role from the Admin Screen, to ensure navigation back to the Competency Role Admin Screen instead of the Competency Role Mapping Screen
  • Added a check to the code logic to prevent the creation of duplicate Job records when an inactive Job shares the same name or external id
  • Fixed an issue which prevented Development Plans from saving multiple competency selections
  • Corrected an issue which prevented comments from being visible when assessments were sent back to a user from an assessor
  • Made a change to Assessment logic to ensure pending assessments do not prevent assessors from completing assessments
  • Adjusted the visualization of large assessor pools when launching an assessment from the Status Matrix
  • Adjusted the recalculation query for User Competency Role imports to reduce the recalc time and prevent status errors from occurring
  • Modified the assessor pool code in assessments to ensure the correct assessors appear, based on Assessor Matrix Rules
  • Adjusted the import logic in order to prevent self-referencing of objects, ex. Users can not be their own supervisors.
  • Made a change to the assessment logic to prevent saved assessments to display as Pending. Will only apply to newly saved assessments, will deploy a script in the next week to revert erroneous Pending Assessments
  • Made a change to the User Competency Role Admin Screen to improve the time it takes to save.
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