Production Release, July 30, 2016

New Development

  • Added username in parenthesis to the User Relationship screen, as well as the ability to search for relationships by inputting the username
  • Security Change – removed ability to change password when editing a user
  • Adjusted logic in the User Competency Role admin screen to improve save times
  • Added a ‘Time Modified’ field to the user assessment database table (non-client facing)
  • Performance – deployed initial optimization of assessment form load, to reduce the time it takes when opening an assessment form, and reduced the background asynchronous process time when closing an assessment form

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with User Current Status Recalculation Triggers to ensure they work as intended
  • Resolved an error that prevented three stage workflow assessments from displaying pending icons
  • Made changes to current status query logic to ensure that assessments which have not moved in the workflow trail do not change status
  • Fixed an issue that prevented searching for user relationships
  • Fixed an issue which caused assessments to incorrectly complete without finalizing the assessment process
  • Adjusted a query to prevent a user’s own profile to appear in the status matrix under people I assess
  • Resolved an issue which prevented the assignment matrix to correctly display role assignments
  • Corrected an issue which caused the status matrix results to refresh when collapsing the status matrix tools, while the competency filter was in use
  • Resolved an issue which prevented the ability to exempt a competency tied to a role from the assignment matrix
  • Fixed an issue which allowed the deletion of a competency role which was assigned to users
  • Fixed an issue which caused timeouts during import of rating element files
  • Resolved an issue which prevented saving in the assignment matrix from being displayed to the end user
  • Corrected an issue which caused different assessments to appear in the same workflow trail
  • Made changes to ensure that proficiency expectations appear consistently in all versions of the application
  • Restored missing workflow roles from proficiency scale configuration screens
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