Production Release, August 27, 2016

New Development

  • Applied Assessment and Assignment Rule logic to the queuing on the User, User Competency Role, User Competency Role/Competency Assignment, Competency Assignment Rules, and Assessor Matrix Screens
    • Added a new Security Role Setting that needs to be activated for admin users to view the recalculations that were triggered.
    • Navigate to Admin Functions > Security > Security Roles. Edit the security role assigned for admin users, under the Administration tab, select the view checkbox for Service Logs.
    • The service log will display under Admin Functions > Database > Service Logs
    • Note: This will replace the previous Status Recalculation Logs.
  • Made a change to the reporting logic for default users – If the default user security role has reports added to it, the user will be able to view reports displaying only their data. Note: Some reports are created without security in mind, so if those reports are assigned to end users, they would have access to all data.
  • Made an update to the Security Caching – extended the caching time from 5 minutes to 1 hour, and moved most of the initial cache to the first log in
  • Added a Reporting Reference Guide in Zendesk:

Bug Fixes

  • Made a fix to the assessment logic that was preventing the last assessor to be displayed when completing a saved assessment
  • Updated the Recalc Service to include the Role Mapping importer
  • Corrected an issue which allowed exemptions to be selected in the assignment matrix when using IE 11, ignoring company settings
  • Fixed an issue that was prevented the help links icon from being visible
  • Adjusted the logic on learning driven competencies to allow for expirations dates and status icons to appear
  • Fixed an issue to prevent the User Competency Role exports from displaying deleted user to role relationships
  • Adjusted logic so all assessors appear in the assessment form
  • Adjusted the Competency Requirements Report to allow learning driven competencies to display the associated learning resource
  • Adjusted the Competency Requirements report to ensure rating elements appear correctly
  • Made adjustments to the Location Report to display the correct column headers when saving to CSV
  • Corrected the Competency Status Report to properly display percentages based on the filter selection
  • Made adjustments to the Compliance report to allow for hierarchical filtering on Competency Groups
  • Adjusted the Competency Requirements by Role report filter to allow searching for a User
  • Added the filters used during the selection of the report as part of the footer
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