Kahuna Mobile App Release Notes, November 2, 2016

New Functionality


  • Smart Filtering of team members – this feature will allow Supervisors/Assessors with large volumes of team members in their purview to filter their Kahuna Mobile profile to a manageable number. Users will be able to create and save these filters to be used again later.
  • Enhanced synchronization process – Provides user an indicator of synchronization status including counts of Assessments and percentage completed.
  • Enhanced Search capability under the My Team view to search by User name and Personnel ID.
  • Enhanced connectivity settings- Mobile app will now indicate connectivity status (Wi-Fi, Online, Offline) mode and recommend settings based on user preference. Will also provide warning message to user upon loss of connectivity.
  • Dynamic screen rotation for tablet version of Mobile App. Field of vision changes automatically when you rotate device.
  • Pending sync status for offload synchronization. Any offline assessments are visualized in a pending sync status until user is back online to re-sync.
  • First time device registration and setup instructions provided including step by step checklist and link to YouTube video.
  • Overall Performance improvements- Query updates to enhance navigation between screens/tiles.
  • Overall UI- User Interface updates to enhance look/feel and usability.



  • Previous Assessment drop-down is now visible in the Assessment form.
  • My Team toggle now renders in offline mode.
  • Fixed issue that caused App to jump directly into loading screen after token generation (for Android only).
  • Business card data now displays all relevant data for My Self/ My Team.
  • Resolved search issues under My Team.
  • Fixed multiple issues with offline sync mode including consistency, performance and processing of sync.
  • Learning elements are now visible when applicable.
  • Competency source now visible in the Competency details section.


Future Development


  • Notifications – a notification framework to push pending items to the user is on the road-map.
  • Experience – the Experience tracking suite offered by Kahunaonline.com will be coming to Kahuna Mobile in the near future.
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