Production Release, December 08, 2018

New Enhancements

Development Competencies & Grace Period

  • Ability to assign Competency Roles or individual Competencies to Users without counting against the current compliance percentage and defining period before becoming required assignment
  • Security:
    • Admin Functions > Configuration > Settings, Within the Features tab, will have a ‘Use Development Competencies’ setting to enable the development competencies functionality for the system
    • Admin Functions > Security > Security Roles, under the Myself tab, there is a setting for ‘Development Items’ within the ‘Individual Profile’ grouping
    • Admin Functions > Security > Security Roles, under the My Team tab, there is a setting for ‘Development Items’ within the ‘Employee Profile’ grouping and a ‘Development Items on Matrix’ item under the ‘Team Matrix’ grouping
    • These settings control visibility and access to development competencies from the individual profile and team matrix
  • Workflows:
    • Workflow Proficiency Scales Configuration table view has received a redesign to easily incorporate the new development workflow functionality. Previously you needed to select the Configure Proficiency Scale from the Page actions menu in order to tie a workflow to a proficiency scale, and only the ones that have been configured would appear in the table view. We have updated the page to display a column of every available proficiency scale in the system and then either one or two columns depending on the Development Competencies company setting. One column will house the ‘Default’ workflow and another column will house the ‘development’ workflow override. Each column will include an edit and delete button to add and remove workflows associated to each proficiency scale.
    • Development Competencies will automatically inherit the workflow associated with the competency based on the Proficiency scale. There is the ability to define specific Development Workflow overrides at the WF Prof. Scale Configuration screen.
    • From Admin Functions > Configuration > Workflows > WF Prof. Scales select the edit button from the ‘Development’ workflow column for the specific proficiency scale. This will open the WF Prof Scale configuration page and follows the same process for workflow configuration.
  • Assigning Methods:
    • Every method within Kahuna to assign a competency role or competency to a user has been updated to allow for the definition of development competencies. Affected areas: Assignment Matrix, User Competency Role Mappings, User Competency Assignments, User Admin page, Competency Assignment Rules, and User Competency Role Import
    • Any time a role or competency is assigned to a user, there is new selection option to define ‘Development Item’. Selecting this option will assign as development relationship. Additional selection will be available for development items to define Grace Period - how long the development relationship will remain before converting to required. If no grace period defined, then the competency will remain development infinitely.
    • User Competency Role Import has been updated with 3 additional columns, Relationship Type, Grace Period Value, and Grace Period Type. Relationship Type accepts either ‘Requirement’ or ‘Development’. Blanks will be treated as requirement. Grace Period Value and Type store the grace period data, and only apply to development relationship types.
  • Visualization:
    • When a development role or competency is assigned to a user, there will be a unique status icon that appears for the affected competencies.
    • Individual Status Overview page will display an additional grouping for Development in addition to the Attention Needed and Meets / Exceeds Expectations. This grouping will house all the competencies that have been defined as development
    • Individual Profile Business card view will display a line for Development Role to display any associated roles.
    • Current vs Expected visualization for Development competencies displays a dotted expectation line to indicate the expected proficiency level for a requirement role.
    • Team Matrix will display development competencies as well as required competencies if the Security Role setting is enabled. There is an additional toggle within the Team Matrix Tools > Show More Filters, which defines to show required only, development only, or both, will default to both when enabled.
    • NOTE: Development competencies will not be included within reports or analytics in this release, additionally notifications have not been set up for the development competency assessments or assignment


In Progress Learning Status

  • Ability to capture User Learning completions that are ‘In Progress’. While the current focus of Learning completions has been to visualize any completions in relation to competencies, we have received requests to visualize courses which have been scheduled or booked but have not been completed.
  • Import Update - The User Learning Resource import template has been modified to accept the text ‘In Progress’ within the ‘Pass’ column. Import Help text has been updated to reflect the change as well
  • System Visualization: If a learning resource completion has been defined as In Progress, there is a new icon visualization associated with it. We have made changes within the system to visualize the new learning status
    • Individual Profile: Status Overview Recommended Training Slide over - when clicking any of the learning resource type icons that are associated with competencies, the In Progress icon will display for applicable learning resources
    • Individual Profile: Learning Resource Tab - the Learning Resource tab will now display an additional grouping for In Progress Learning Resources
    • Assessment Form: Whenever a learning resource is displayed in an assessment form, if there is an In Progress completion associated with it, the icon will be visualized with the learning resource. This applies to the rating element learning resource tab, and the Learning Resource section on both a general and Learning Driven competency.

Development Plan Enhanced Security Controls

  • Previously the Security Role settings for the Development Plan was limited to a ‘catch all’ functionality, where if the setting was enabled, then the impacted users had total access to the Development plan functionality. We have updated the functionality to allow more control on defining which security role has access, as well as what actions can be performed
  • Security Role Settings - Navigate to Admin Functions > Security Roles to edit existing security role. Within the Myself tab, under Individual Profile, there is a 'Development Plans Tab' with 4 settings. Similarly, within the My Team tab, under Employee Profile, there is a 'Development Plans Tab' with 4 settings. The settings have been split into:
    • View - This setting gives you access to any created plans for either Myself or My Team (based on selected setting). Users with this setting will be able to action created plans, controls access to Development Plan Tab, and Launch button of existing plans
    • Add - Ability to create a new development plan (Controls access to ‘New Development Plan’ button)
    • Edit - Ability to edit existing development plans (Controls access to dropdown list next to Launch button for Archive, Lock, and Edit)
    • Delete - New ability to delete existing development plans. Previously only had ability to archive plans. (Controls access to Delete option under dropdown list)

Attachment Driven Rating Elements

  • Ability to define the successful completion of a rating element driven through attachments
  • Within the Competency Admin Screen in Admin Functions > Competency Library > Competency, if you are creating a new competency or editing an existing one, the rating element tab will display a new selection option for ‘Is Attachment Driven’. If this setting is selected for a rating element, the only way for the rating element to be checked off in the assessment form, is for an attachment to be included.
  • When submitting an assessment form, if there is a missing attachment from an attachment driven rating element, the user will receive a pop-up notification stating missing evidence and asking if they would like to proceed without evidence.

Notification Email Configurations

  • Added new configuration options for Notification Emails to change logo appearing on email as well as allowing a change to sent from email. Also included service log record of number of sent emails
  • Navigate to Admin Functions > Configuration > Settings, and under the Notifications tab, there are new settings.
  • Notification Logo - 4 options available
    • Kahuna Logo - default Kahuna logo to appear in Notification emails
    • Company Logo - Company logo defined in Company Details tab
    • Print Logo - Secondary print logo defined in Company Details tab
    • Custom Logo - If selected, have ability to upload a new logo for use in notification emails
  • Notification From Address - Client to define what email address appears when users receive notification email. The default address is
  • Service Log Entries - Navigate to Admin Functions > Database > Service Log, there is now a Notification Email Log tab which displays any Batch notification emails which have been triggered, indicating the number of recipients, the timestamp of percentage complete

User Self Service Updates

  • Included more options to the User Self Service capability within the Business Card View of Individual Profile
  • Company Settings: Admin Functions > Configuration > Settings. New Self Service tab has been included, which serves two purposes:
    • Allows configuration of sort order of items that appear within self service business card pop-up. The items on this page will appear within the self service based on the sort order
    • Ability to define up to 4 objects to appear on the Business Card view of Individual Profile. Will default to Organization, Location, Competency Role, and Development Role.
  • Security Role Settings: Admin Functions > Security > Security Roles, added settings within the Self Service grouping of the Myself and My Team tabs to include Education, Organization, Job, Location, and Custom Fields. Selecting these components will enable users to add attributes from the business card view, except for User Education which is entered solely through import.
    • User Education Import added to Import Workbench - Admin Functions > Database > Import
    • Captures Username, Institution, Degree, Major, and Year Earned. Once imported, can be visualized within the self-service popup of the Business Card View

Reporting Updates

  • Date Filters - For any report with date components within the output, have provided a date filter component to define a possible range of dates, for any reports with multiple date outputs, there are associated date filter objects
  • Development Plan report Update to include Competency Role as column and filter
  • Update User Competency Learning Resource report to comma separate columns
  • Applied new In Progress learning resource completion status to User Learning Resource and User Competency Learning Resource reports
  • New Reports
    • Each New report has a Security Role configuration setting: Admin Functions > Security > Security Roles > Reporting & Analytics tab, under the Generate Reports grouping
    • Detailed Assessor Activity - Displays individual assessment details from assessor first point of view
    • Development Plan Details - Displays competencies associated to development plan, and any additional tasks or comments applied

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Custom Field Export Templates
  • Competency Admin Screen Restructure - Moved Rating Element tab to appear after competency details and included ‘Next’ navigation button to toggle through all tabs
  • Traditional Talent Finder Comparison View Update - Updated comparison view from circles to the current vs expected visualization
  • Competency Role External ID Data Model Update - Included external Id for competency role in system as well as in import template
  • Added additional security caching which should have a positive performance impact on page navigation

Bug Fixes

  • User Competency Role Mapping Page displaying duplicate roles issue resolved
  • Assignment Matrix Displayed roles issue resolved
  • Certification Assessment Issues resolved
  • My Assessments distinct proficiency scale visibility issue resolved
  • Individual Workbook loading issue resolved
  • Exempt competency issue resolved
  • Assignment Matrix search issue resolved
  • Various Locale Text issues impacting rating elements and competency roles resolved
  • Updated Full import logic for empty files
  • Resolved competency role search issue
  • Duplicate role assignment issue resolved
  • Inactive roles displaying in user admin screen issue resolved
  • Resolved description translation issues for competency and rating element objects
  • Resolved competency tree view security issues
  • Resolved translated object duplication issues
  • Resolved Security filter visibility issues
  • Resolved Logical Assessor Pool recalculation issues
  • Resolved inactive country object issues
  • User export template rendering issue resolved
  • Workbook duplication issue resolved
  • System locked object inactivation issues resolved
  • Various slide-over scrolling bar issues addressed
  • Role predictor inactive object issue resolved
  • Workbook save causing attachment duplication issue addressed
  • Notification badge count issues resolved
  • Inactive notification rule visibility issue resolved
  • Invalid security role settings issue addressed
  • Duplicate drop-down objects issue addressed
  • Invisible historical assessment icon issue addressed
  • Various responsive design issues addressed
  • Role mapping duplicate slide over issue resolved
  • Assignment Rule preview issues resolved
  • Custom Dashboard visibility issues addressed
  • Competency import description issue addressed
  • Job hierarchy column order matching issue between import and export templates addressed
  • Custom Field assignment rule recalc issue resolved
  • Role mapping group hierarchy issue resolved
  • Admin pages search special character issues resolved
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