Production Release, April 27, 2019

New Enhancements

Learning Driven Competency Override

  • Description
    • Ability to designate a learning driven competency as competent without requiring learning resource completion record
  • Security
    • In order to enable the capability to override the learning driven competencies, edit the security role for the personnel. Navigate to Admin Functions > Security > Security Role. Within the Administration tab, within the Assessments grouping, there is a setting for ‘Assessment Override’. Enabling this setting will give Security Role owner the ability to override learning driven competencies from the Assessment Form.
  • Import Capability
    • New import template and process is added for User Assessment Override.
    • This is used to mass update learning driven competency overrides.
  • How to Update
    • Once the security role setting has been enabled, When the user, with the security role assigned, opens a ‘Learning Item’ Assessment Method competency (Learning Driven), There will be a new section for ‘Assessment Override’.
    • From this section, select the Proficiency Level and click the Submit button to override competency. Override decisions will be displayed in the History Log with the date and actor of the override.
      • Note: In the current state, any overrides conducted Within Kahuna will default to Today’s date. In order to back date an override, the User Assessment Override import must be used.

Assignment Matrix - Role Percentage View (compliance)

  • Description
    • Ability to visualize the compliance percentage at the Competency Role level from the Assignment Matrix. Additional ease of navigation between Team and Assignment Matrix.
    • Security
      • Company Setting
        • Navigate to Admin Functions > Configuration > Settings, under the Features tab there will be a setting for ‘Use Compliance Toggle’
        • Enabling this setting will give ability to visualize compliance in Assignment Matrix by enabling the toggle selection for any users with access to Assignment Matrix
        • Additional setting for ‘Use Matrix Toggle’. Enabling this setting will give users the ability to quickly navigate to and from Team Matrix to Assignment Matrix, including any matrix filters that have been applied.
      • Updates
        • Toggle will display to switch between Assign and Compliance
          • Assign - default view will display current state visualization for assigned roles
          • Compliance - will display compliance percentage for competency role
        • Add Assignments - When clicking add assignments button, the visualization has been updated to include the user’s overall compliance percentage under the profile image. There is an additional icon at the bottom of the slide over, when clicked, will display the compliance percentage for each assigned role
        • Navigation between Matrixes - Each matrix will have navigation button to enable easy transition. Filter selections will be transferrable. When drilling down to individual profile of user, each matrix should have an appropriate ‘back to…’ button to return to correct previous page.

My Pending Visualization

  • Description
    • Visualization applied to Individual Profile to distinguish between Pending Review status icons. When there are multiple workflow stages or send back capability enabled, it can be difficult to identify when a Pending Review icon means action for an Assessor, End User, or a Reviewer. This functionality will display a distinct icon for the pending flag if you are a current actor in the workflow stage.
    • pending.png
  • How to Use
    Visualization applied to Individual Profile to distinguish between Pending Review status icons. When there are multiple workflow stages or send back capability enabled, it can be difficult to identify when a Pending Review icon means action for an Assessor, End User, or a Reviewer. This functionality will display a distinct icon for the pending flag if you are a current actor in the workflow stage.
    • Individual Profile will display Gear Icon which expands to display search bar and My Pending Toggle
    • My Pending Toggle when selected and click on ‘Go’ button will return only those Pending Status assessments where I am the actor. This functionality works for any actor in the workflow so an end user would see any pending assessments that have been sent back while an assessor would see any pending assessments awaiting his action.
    • Along with this build, a search bar included to allow filtering of competencies within individual profile
    • Both Filter and toggle will apply to competencies on Status Overview, Individual Matrix and Workbook tabs
  • To Do (Future Update)
    • In a future update we will expand this functionality to the My Assessments and Team Matrix screens

Learning Association Types

  • Description
    • For Learning Item Assessment Method competencies as well as Learning Driven Rating Elements the system always had a requirement where every associated learning had to be completed in order to meet the requirement. This update applies flexibility to define whether All, Any, or Threshold of learning completions will give completion credit.
  • How to Use
    • When creating or editing a competency (Admin Functions > Competency Library > Competency) under the rating element tab, each Proficiency level will display a Learning Association Type toggle
      • All - This is the default setting, and applies to current state, where in order to meet current proficiency level, all required learning resources must be completed
      • Any - If this toggle is selected, the logic states that when there are multiple learning resources associated, completing any of the courses will give credit to the proficiency level
      • Threshold - If this toggle is selected, a secondary component becomes visible which lets you select a minimum threshold. The logic is that if there are multiple resources associated to the level, if minimum threshold is met, credit is given.
        • Note: Error message will display if the threshold is set to 0 or if it exceeds the number of associated resources
      • Learning Item Assessment Method Competencies - Every competency marked as Learning Item will have the toggles visible for every defined proficiency level.
      • General Assessment Method Competencies - The toggle will only display for proficiency levels that have a ‘Learning Driven’ rating element defined.
        • Note: Toggle applies to Proficiency level, so logic will apply to all learning driven rating elements within the level
      • Import/Export Capability
        • Associated Import/Export templates have been updated to include the new toggle functionality
          • Learning Driven Rating Element
          • Rating Element Learning Resource
        • Import Slide over help text has been updated to reflect new fields
          • Two new columns added:
            • Logic - Possible values All, Any or Threshold
            • Threshold - When Threshold added to logic, this column will have the minimum required value (numeric)

Web Service

  • Description
    • Applied front end visualization to setup/view web service calls for inbound/outbound data transactions
  • Security
    • Company Setting - Navigate to Admin Functions > Configuration > Settings, Under the Features tab, a new setting for ‘Enable Web Service’. When selected, Will enable the use for Web Services for the instance.
    • Security Role Setting - Navigate to Admin Functions > Security > Security Roles, Under the Administration Tab, there is a setting for Web Service
  • How to Use
    • With the settings enabled, you get access to the left-hand navigation targets for Web Service Portal and Web Service Settings
      • Portal - screen displays log of web service transactions
      • Settings - Provides ability to generate API key, and displays all currently active Keys in use, and provides option to setup overrides
        • Clicking on the Setup Mapping Override navigates to page where user can define override key for specific web service calls. This is utilized to define which user attribute will be passed in a specific call, giving flexibility to allow Username, Personnel ID, Email, or Alternate User ID as potential options.
      • Import History - Web Service transactions included in Import History table to track times, counts and error logs.

Competency Role Hierarchy

  • Description
    • Ability to define Competency Role Families and structure hierarchically
  • Security
    • Within a Security Role - Admin Functions > Security > Security Roles, under the Administration tab, within the Competency Library grouping, there is a setting for Competency Role Family.
  • How to Use
    • With Setting Enabled, user gets access to left hand navigation target for administration page for Role Families under Admin Functions > Competency Library > Role Families
    • Admin Page gives you ability to create, edit, and delete Role families, based on Security Role capability defined.
    • Tree view capability is enabled within the Page Actions component on Role Families page as well as Competency Roles page
    • Tree view has filtering capability for competency role or role family objects
    • From Competency Role Edit/Create screen (Admin Functions > Competency Library > Competency Role), you can define the Role Family associated to the Role to define the structure.
    • Assignment Matrix will visualize Competency Role structure one Role families have been defined and applied to Competency Role Objects.
  • Filtering
    • Matrix filters include Role Families as Object selection for both User and Competency Filters
    • Hierarchical Structure is visible from Filter selection
    • Applicable as filter object in Team Matrix, Assignment Matrix, Analytics Dashboard My Filters, Reporting, and Competency Assignment Rules
  • To Do (Future Update)
    • In a future iteration we will update imports/export capability to capture Creation of Role Family Structure as well as association to Competency Roles
    • If there are any customers who want to make use of function and need help to create the structure, please contact us through Zendesk for assistance.

Custom Field Updates

  • Description
    • Added two new custom field types, added competency role to available custom field objects, and the ability to control as security role level which custom fields are visible.
  • Security
    • Security Roles (Admin Functions > Security > Security Roles) will have a new tab for Custom Fields. Three groupings will appear - User, Competency, and Competency Role. Each grouping will display any custom fields which have been created, giving the ability to control access at the custom field level for each security role
  • Updates
    • Custom Field page (Admin Functions > Configuration > Custom Fields) will have a new tab for Competency Role to store the associated custom fields
    • New Custom Field Types
      • Hierarchy - Like the picklist functionality, where you must define the possible selections, but with the ability to visualize in a hierarchical structure
      • User - ability to tie custom fields to current user population
    • After creating objects of the new types, associating to an object displays a hierarchical expanding tree view with checkbox selection for the hierarchical type and a search bar for the user type
  • To Do (Future Update)
    • In a future iteration we will update the import/export capability to capture the new objects and types

Assessment Audit Comments

  • Description
    • Ability to add comments during assessment audit and control visibility of comments
  • Configuration/Security
    • To Setup, navigate to Admin Functions > Configuration > Workflows > WF Prof. Scale. Upon editing a WF Prof. Scale setup, there is a section for Audit Feedback. There you can define which workflow roles are able to see the audit feedback.
    • This config works in conjunction with existing Security Role Setting (Admin Functions > Security > Security Roles, Administration Tab > Assessments > View setting of ‘Audit Completed Assessments’) This setting will give visibility into the audit section of the assessment form.
  • How to Use
    • Assessment Form displays a comment box as part of the audit process. It includes list of workflow actors with the ability to ‘Tag Users’, this will give the ability to define at user level who can see the comment and receive appropriate audit assessment notification outside of predefined setting at WF Prof. Scale level

Proxy Update - Workbooks & Dev Plans

  • Description
    • Proxy functionality has been expanded to include Workbook and Development Plan tabs of Individual Profile and the My Assessments within My Team left hand navigation to facilitate further assessment capability.

Additional Notification Types

  • Description
    • Two new notification types have been included, Completed Assessment and Audited Assessment.
  • Settings
    • Within Company Settings (Admin Functions > Configuration > Settings) under the Notification tab we have included selections for both the Web and Email settings for Completed Assessment and Audited Assessment Notification Types
    • Completed Assessment includes additional settings to define which workflow role should receive notification.
  • How to Use
    • Completed Assessment - this notification type is used to indicate when an assessment has been completed. With the ability to define the associated workflow role that should receive the notification, you have greater control to define who will see notification
    • Audited Assessment Notification works in conjunction with new Audit comment capability, where Auditor has ability to tag specific users related to assessment workflow to receive notification.

Filter by Criticality

  • Description
    • Team Matrix Tools update to give ability to filter by critical / safety critical competencies
  • How to Use
    • Matrix tools displays ‘Criticality’ section with both associated icons. Clicking either icon will filter the matrix based on selection to display only the competencies of selected criticality

Language Selection

  • Description
    • Ability to define/restrict which languages are available to choose from for both static text and master data translations.
  • Security
    • Within Company Settings (Admin Functions > Configuration > Settings) Under the Localization tab, added new ‘Available Languages’ section with two multi-select drop-down lists
      • Locales - This list defines the available language options for the master data
      • Static Text Options - This list defines the available language options for the static system text.
  • How to Use
    • When you select the Locales, the selections will be the only available options when editing/creating content in the system. I.E.
    • When you select the Static Text Options, the selections will be the only available options in both the Company Settings Localization as well as the individual settings override (Myself > Settings > Language Settings tab)

Team Matrix Auto Collapse Rendering

  • Description
    • Ability to configure whether the Team Matrix renders with collapsed competency group hierarchy
  • Security
    • Company Setting (Admin Functions > Configuration > Settings) under the Features tab for Use Matrix Render Collapse
    • Security Role Setting (Admin Functions > Security > Security Roles) under the My Team tab, within the Team Matrix grouping for Collapse matrix on render
  • How to Use
    • The company setting is used to define the matrix render capability and the security role setting is used to define which security roles will default to collapsed.
    • Any user assigned a security role with the setting enabled will have the Team matrix display with the competency hierarchy automatically collapsed to see only the root node(s)

Reporting Updates

  • Description
    • This section displays all the updates related to reporting, including new reports, and updates to existing reports
  • Security
    • For all reporting updates, there will be a corresponding security role setting to enable visibility into report within Admin Functions > Security > Security Roles, Reporting and Analytics tab, under Generate Reports section.
  • User Assessor Capabilities report
    • New Report to display the users and competencies that an assessor has the capability to assess
  • Workflow Stage report
    • New report to go along with My Pending Visualization update that lists previous and current workflow stage of pending assessments.
  • Renaming Reports
    • This build included an update to some of the report names
    • Impacted:

Previous Report Name


New Report Name



User Assessments

      Development Plan


User Development Plans

      Development Learning Plan by User


User Learning Development Plans

      User Compliance Rating


User Compliance

      User Attribute


User Attributes

      User Assessment Trending


User Compliance Trending

      Development Plan Details


User Development Plan Details



Compliance Detail by Competency

      Competency Compliance Rating


Competency Compliance

      User Competency Learning Resource


User Assessments with Learning Resources

      Learning Resources Tied to Competencies


Competency Learning Resources

      Production Login


System Logins

      Competency and Role Assignment


User Assignment Details

      Assessment Audit


Audited Assessments

      User Status by Role


User Role Status

      Organization Compliance by User


Organization Status by User

  • Report names have been updated in Security Role page as well as report viewer. Preview slide over displays name changes for each impacted report
  • Organization Status by User - Update
    • Job Family added as column
  • Update Save Filters Functionality
    • Ability to save and apply saved filters to reports using the same save filter functionality found in team matrix
  • Status by Organization Update
    • Grouping added within report output to choose between status by Org, Location or Org & Location.
  • Assessment Audit comment field update
    • Included column in report to display assessment audit comments to go along with new functionality
  • User Filter Updates
    • Updated user filter functionality to ensure consistent filtering objects available to all reports

Mobile App Updates

  • Description
    • Along with this weekend’s deployment, a new version of the mobile app has been deployed. Updates Include
      • Upgrade to latest framework that supports additional enhancements for better proofing
      • Update to modern user interface for a cleaner look and feel
      • Overall performance improvement with enhanced downward and upward synch capabilities
      • New Voice recognition option for quick User and User-Assessment search
    • New Mobile Quick Reference Guide available upon request and if you would like to set up meeting to go over the new functionality, please reach out through Zendesk

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Team Matrix - quick attachment data
    • Way to quickly visualize attachments associated with assessments. Team matrix assessment popup will display any attachments associated with assessment, giving quick access to view or download attachment
  • Floating action button
    • Role Mappings page has included fixed 'FAB' for the save and back buttons
  • Assignment Matrix - Matrix Tools update
    • Applied matrix tools functionality to match team matrix tools icon and filter capability
  • Assignment Matrix - competency details on role add
    • Added ability to see competency details from the add assignments slide over. Clicking on the role name will display slide over of role details. Each competency name is clickable to display competency details slide over
  • Language translation for Employee Core objects
    • Included translation template output for Organization, Location, and Job Hierarchy objects.
  • Team Matrix & Assignment Matrix - quick user search
    • Both Team and Assignment matrix now displays a search bar on the top of the page, which can be used to quickly search for a user and re-render the matrix
  • Assignment Matrix – Fixed Header
    • Assignment matrix will now make use of the freeze pane functionality previously deployed in Team matrix to ensure row of users remains static as you scroll down the page.
  • Learning Driven Competency Attachments
    • Ability to add attachments has been applied to learning driven competencies. Also applies to the SFTP assessment Attachment import capability released in the January 19, 2019 build.
  • Left hand Navigation - global user search
    • Like the team matrix quick user search, the left-hand navigation will allow for the quick search of users, clicking on the name will display the individual profile
  • Job Code Visualization
    • When applying Job object as filter in Assignment Rules, update made to ensure external id is displayed along with job name in output, to assist in identification of filter criteria
  • Role External ID Import Update
    • Updated import files to accept the Competency Role External ID in any field that accepts the name
    • Impacted Files
      • Competency Role to Competency
      • Competency Role Rating Element
      • User Competency Role
      • Competency Assignment Rule
      • Assessment Rule
    • Default Profile Picture Import Identifier Setting
      • Company Setting (Admin Functions > Configuration > Settings) to define the default identifier for the Profile Picture import. Default naming convention is username.jpg
    • User Business Card View - Expand/Collapse feature for multiple items
      • For business card view, when there are multiple roles assigned to user, the internal scroll bar made it difficult to visualize assignments. This has been updated to display a '+' icon, when clicked will expand the business card view visualize all the objects, removing the need for scrolling

Resolved Issues

  • Competency Audit report issue
  • Equivalency Recalculation issue
  • Competency Role Import status issue
  • Business Card multiple object issue
  • Custom Field Export Issues
  • Competency Save Issue
  • Assessor Matrix Save Issue
  • Pick your Assessor Issue
  • Shift Search issue
  • Role Maintenance Navigation Issue
  • Assessment Form Learning Resource Navigation Issue
  • Learning Driven Competency Assessment Translation Issues
  • Organization import External ID issue
  • Resume Builder Filter issue
  • Attachment import duplication issue
  • IE11 & Edge Attachment Issues
  • Individual Profile Role Sort issue
  • Time Zone Assessment Date issue
  • Analytic Drilldown Reference Issue
  • Talent Finder processing issue
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