Production Release, August 10, 2019

New Enhancements

  • Role Family Import/Export Templates
    • Created New import template to create role family structure available through Admin Functions > Database > Import.
    • Created New Export template to download created role family structure, available through Admin Functions > Database > Export Templates.
  • Ability to define default delimiter for User Assessment Attachment Import process
    • Company setting under Admin Functions > Configuration > Settings, in the Company Details tab for Default Delimiter to define either ‘-‘ or ’_’ as default when processing the sftp attachment process as either:
      • username_competency_date_filename or
      • username-competency-date-filename
    • Web Service Updates (postponed until 8/13/2019)
      • User Security Role Profile Web Service
        • Post web service
        • Username override capability
        • Security Mapping page to link web service roles to Kahuna security role & filter combination
      • Get Role Family Web Service
      • Update to Get Competency Groups Web Service
      • Update to Get All User Competency Role Web Service
      • Update to Get Competencies Web Service
      • Update to Get All User Assessments Web Service
      • Update to Get All Users Web Service


Resolved Issues

  • My Settings page not displaying correctly
  • Competency Planning percentage count issue and display raw count
  • Matrix toggle button navigation issue
  • Competency group import invalid parent object issue
  • Reminder period calculation issue
  • Learning Resource import duplicate external ID
  • Business card displaying incorrect shifts
  • Assignment Matrix competency translation issue
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