BETA Release, September 14, 2019

New Enhancements

  • Web Service
    • Updated External Security Mapping page to display processed changes
    • Service Limit increase to 5000 records / page
  • Competency Planning
    • Updated supply algorithm to cater for assessment history
    • Updated drag & drop and sorting for action cards
    • Added multiple owner capability for plans
  • Mobile
    • New registration method: Now with ability to scan QR code to authenticate user and generate PIN code
    • Adding text search input to supplement voice recognition for User and Competencies (quick search)
    • Include Compliance % visualization on My Team Landing Page
    • Include ability to track and assess ‘Development Competencies’
    • Ability to visualize sync history with date/time stamp
    • Ability to manage multiple logins with shared mobile device


Resolved Issues

  • Kahuna to WD integration issue where not yet competent assessments not included in Delta feed.
  • Kahuna to WD integration leading zero issue resolved
  • Reporting Issue resolved where output did not match analytic status tile counts
  • Reporting issue resolved where filtering not applying to Assessors
  • Resume template not appearing when set to ‘share with all users’
  • Competency Role Rating Element import issue resolved
  • Email Notification Company Setting issues resolved
  • Custom Field Business card visualization issue resolved
  • Get User Assessment Web Service total count/offset issue resolved
  • Workbook Submit All popup button issue resolved
  • Get Competencies Web Service localization issue resolved
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