BETA Release, October 19, 2019

New Enhancements

Web Service

  • POST Maintain User Assessments Web Service - Used to capture completed assessments
    • Includes Optional Source ID and URL.
  • Get Rating elements Web Service - able to toggle by Assessment Method (CompetencyType) to distinguish between General and Learning Item competencies
  • Logic to process Post Web Service calls as Delta or Full
  • POST Maintain Role Family Web Service - Used to capture the Competency Role Family hierarchy

Custom URL Updates

  • Update to Assignment Matrix Launch Point
    • Include Role ID and Alternate User ID as available parameters
  • Competency Role Launch Point updated to Competency Role Mapping
  • New Competency Role Details Launch Point

Competency Planning

  • Updated supply algorithm to cater for assessment history
  • Updated drag & drop and sorting for action cards
  • Added multiple owner capability for plans
  • Build out Security controls leveraging plan and action card owners
    • Admin: Create/Edit/View/Delete all plans and actions
    • Plan Owner: Create/Edit/View/Delete plans and actions to which they are assigned
    • Action Item Owner: View plans action items sit within, Edit/View specific action item cards


  • New language options included for Master Data translation updates
    • Total Language Options:
      • English - en-US
      • French - fr
      • Spanish - es
      • German - de
      • Chinese Simplified - zh-CN
      • Chinese Traditional - zh-TW
      • Portuguese - pt-PT
      • Norwegian - no
      • Italian - it
      • Romanian - ro
      • Russian - ru
      • Arabic - ar
      • Dutch - nl
      • Korean - ko
      • Indonesian - id
      • Bengali - bn
      • Bangla (Bangladesh) - bn-BD
      • Tagalog - tl
      • Filipino - fil

Learning Resource My Profile Updates

  • Learning Resource Tab
    • Smart Search Bar
    • Learning History Toggle - to show completed learning not associated to current requirements
  • Development Plan
    • Visualize learning resources mapped to rating elements by proficiency level within the development plan competency selector, then break down by type

Supervisor Purview Control

  • Ability to define whether supervisor has visibility into entire reporting hierarchy or only direct reports
    • Configuration Setting (Admin Functions > Configuration > Settings) Under Features tab, setting to enable Direct Reports Only setting for security roles
    • Security Role Setting (Admin Functions > Security > Security Roles) Security Role will have a checkbox to define Direct Reports Only. If setting is enabled, the users with this security role assigned will only see direct reports, not indirect reports.

Custom Field & Custom Field Value Imports

  • include Update Type field to facilitate the removal of custom field objects

Resolved Issues

  • Reporting Issue resolved where output did not match analytic status tile counts
  • Reporting issue resolved where filtering not applying to Assessors
  • Resume template not appearing when set to ‘share with all users’
  • Competency Role Rating Element import issue resolved
  • Email Notification Company Setting issues resolved
  • Custom Field Business card visualization issue resolved
  • Workbook Submit All popup button issue resolved
  • SFTP Attachment Processing Issue resolved
  • Learning Resource Type hover text translation issue resolved
  • Competency Rating element tab translation issues resolved
  • Question Group import/export/edit issues resolved
  • Hidden Optional Rating Element Recalculation issue resolved
  • Matrix Proficiency Max percentage issue resolved
  • Assignment Rule removal issue resolved
  • Resolved API expiration date issues
  • Competency Equivalency Issue resolved
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