BETA Release, November 15, 2019

New Enhancements

Questionnaire (Quiz) Updates

  • New Quiz Wrapper for questions which allow for more structure in the completion of the questions.
  • Terminology transition from Questionnaire to Quiz
  • Security Configuration
    • Company Setting: (Admin Functions > Configuration > Settings)
      • On the company details tab there is a toggle for Questions vs Quizzes. This setting defines what will appear in the Quiz tab of the individual profile. If you are utilizing the current question functionality, you would keep the setting at questions otherwise set it to quizzes.
    • Security Roles: (Admin Functions > Security > Security Roles)
      • In the Administration tab of the Security Roles, under the Competency Library grouping, expand the Questionnaire Attributes group and there is a new setting for ‘Questionnaires’. This will give access to the left-hand navigation target for ‘Quizzes’
    • Create Quiz
      • Navigate to Quizzes page (Admin Functions > Competency Library > Quiz Attributes > Quizzes)
      • This page stores all created quiz objects. To create a new object, click on the Page Actions drop-down and select the Create Quiz option
        • Available Fields
          • External ID - Optional field to define unique identifier
          • Name - Name of quiz object
          • Description - Description of Quiz object
          • Pass Rate - The total score percentage required to pass the quiz
          • Time Limit - The total time allocated for the quiz in seconds, set a time of 0 for no time limit
          • Quiz Workflow - ability to define the workflow actors for the quiz, 3 possible options:
            • User Answer, Assessor Validate - this option requires assessor to deem correct answer
            • Assessor Only - Assessor answers questions
            • User Only - User answers questions
          • Quiz Type - determines what question base is used. 2 possible options
            • All Assigned Questions - Quiz will be comprised of all available questions that are associated to the user’s competencies
            • Question Group - When this option is selected, section appears that will have you select the applicable objects from checklist of possible questions groups
          • Is Active - Designate Quiz as active
          • Randomized - Setting to enable random question order when conducting the quiz
    • Associating Quizzes to Competencies
      • Note: In this phase the quiz functionality is available associated to a rating element. In a future enhancement we will include the update to the Questionnaire assessment method.
      • Question Driven Rating Elements
        • Update to existing relationship when setting up a rating element. If you click on the Question Driven checkbox, a section will appear to define Question Base Type
          • Questions - If this option is selected, this will use the existing functionality of assigning individual questions to rating element
          • Question Groups - If this setting is selected you will be given drop-down of potential question groups to associate to the rating element
    • Completing Quiz
      • Under the Individual Profile, ‘Quiz’ tab will house either the quiz objects that are associated to the individual. This needs to be defined in Company setting to ensure Quiz is enabled otherwise individual questions will remain visible
      • Any quiz that is associated to the user’s competencies will display in this tab, including defined pass requirements and time limit
      • To start a quiz, select the launch button
        • Layout is broken down into two groups, the question groups listed on the right with the number/percentage of answered questions and the individual questions on the right
        • Based on how the question is set up, it could be either multiple choice or free text.
        • Actor would select appropriate answer and has ability to either submit individual answers as they progress or make use of navigation buttons and submit entire quiz once finished.
        • Clicking on Submit Quiz will give popup confirming the submission of the quiz
        • After quiz is submitted user will be taken to results page. The results are broken down into three sections
          • Quiz Breakdown - gives overall score and counts of correct/incorrect answers or pending confirmation counts based on workflow and overall score
          • Question Group Breakdown - like quiz breakdown, just at the question group level
          • Question Breakdown - displays individual questions, answer selected and whether it was correct/incorrect
    • Assessment Form Visualization
      • When rating element has been associated to Question Group, expanding the rating element will indicate a Question Group tab. Clicking on that tab will display an overview of the related groups, the pass requirements and the current score along with a progress bar visualization per group.

Experience Updates

  • Competency Experience Mapping as tab in Competency Creation/Edit form
    • Instead of having to navigate to separate page for associating experience elements to competencies, new Experience Mappings tab visible to facilitate seamless process.
  • Update to Experience Related Rating Elements
    • Included additional functionality when defining experience related rating elements to choose from the associated competency experience elements and further define the required number iterations needed to meet the proficiency expectation.
    • Associated Import included (Admin Functions > Database > Import) Rating Element Experience Elements to facilitate mass updates
    • Assessment Form Visualization displays progress bar with percentage at the experience related rating element to indicate progress towards experience iterations defined. Breaks down to visualization per experience element.

Learning Driven Competency Assessment Form Update

  • Ability to visualize the Source URL as hyperlink on ‘Learning Item’ Assessment Form when consumed through either Maintain User Assessment service or User Assessment Override Import
    • Updated logic for URL field to display the hyperlink that opens in a new tab when clicked

Resolved Issues

  • Learning Resource Tab missing launch button issue resolved
  • Static Text Override Company Override Page error message resolved
  • Rating Element Question Import duplication issue resolved
  • Question Group Locale Text Update Issues resolved
  • Workbook missing icon issue resolved
  • Hierarchical Role Family filter reporting issue resolved
  • Get Competencies missing specific records for locales resolved
  • Get Rating Elements missing description issue resolved
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