Beta Release, January 13, 2020

New Enhancements

Web Service Updates

  • New Web Service: POST Maintain Competency Role to Competency
  • Update to Get All User Assessments to display ‘Assessment Date’ for Learning Driven Competencies
  • Update to POST Maintain Competency Role - Including Parent Role Family
  • Enable Basic Auth method for API Web Services - outside existing API key setup, including Basic Auth user & password capability.
  • New Web Service: Get User Notification Count
  • Update Get User Competency Role, Get User Competency Role Completion Standard, and Get User Competency Role Completion Custom to include Role Family Filter

Experience Updates

  • Experience Catalog - Added Experience Groups to store experience elements in hierarchical structure
    • Security: Security Role Setting (Admin Functions > Security > Security Roles) under the Administration tab of the security role, within the Competency Library group, there are settings to enable the Experience Group functionality.
    • Create/Edit - (Admin Functions > Competency Library > Experience Groups) Page houses existing Experience groups. Also included Tree View for Experience Hierarchy
      • Experience Element Edit/Create page updated to include Parent Experience Group selection
    • Import/Exports - Import/Export created for Creating Experience Groups
      • Experience Element Import/Export updated to include Parent Experience Group

Reporting Updates

  • Update to Status by Organization report to include % Competent column
  • Implemented latest report viewer control for a more modernized look to report output
  • User Assessment Snapshot updated to include Current/Previous column to indicate if assessment data is current or previous assessment.

Quiz Updates

  • Updated Verbiage from Questionnaire to Quiz
  • Updated labels for question group fields within question driven rating elements on assessment form
  • Updated UX/UI of question group mapping to quiz/rating element to display in hierarchy instead of dropdown list

Previous Experience (Note: Will be deployed to Beta but held back from Prod)

  • Previous Experience is currently in a preview state and will be formally deployed in our next sprint. If you wish to preview, please reach out and we can have a session to review.
  • Use Case: Ability for employee with work experience outside of currently assigned competencies to quickly enter competency history.
  • Use of Data: The unvalidated self-assessment history will be used within the Talent Finder, Workforce Planning, and Role Predictor to augment formal validated assessments when matching users to roles and competencies.
  • Future State: Our plan is to further leverage the pages and cards component to give the clients customization options on data gathering and change management.
    • Security:
      • Company Settings (Admin Functions > Configuration > Settings) Features tab has setting for Previous Experience
      • Security Roles (Admin Functions > Security > Security Roles) Administration tab has settings under Configuration Grouping for Previous Experience
    • Create/Edit:
      • Previous Experience admin page (Admin Functions > Configuration > Previous Experience) is a dashboard creation page which can be used to modify user facing dashboards (WIP) including the Previous Experience capture element.
      • When creating new object, broken down into steps
        • Step 1 - Configure Page
          • Name the Dashboard
          • Define Location (limited in current state)
          • Define Launch trigger
          • Define who can see dashboard
        • Step 2 - Add Cards to library
          • Drag and Drop from Card library to Create Page (current state limited in cards, to be expanded upon in future releases)
          • Once you add the ‘Competency History card’ you will receive configuration popup to define name of tile and available competencies to give flexibility into what available objects to choose from.
    • Launching:
      • Once object created, current state launches from Team Matrix (future state will have more flexibility)
      • Popup will display with a tree structure of both competency roles/families as well as competency structure to facilitate simple capture of history.
      • By expanding nodes, select appropriate proficiency level reached by selecting the proficiency tiles. Once complete, click submit button
      • (Future state will leverage decisions in talent finder/workforce planning searches)

Import/Export Updates

  • Update Competency Role Import - Including Role Family

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved for User Learning History Report to remove parameter prompt
  • Issue resolved where Hierarchical Role Family filter objects not displaying correctly in reports
  • Issue resolved where assessment status displayed about to expire outside of defined reminder period
  • Issue resolved where quizzes not displaying on individual dashboard
  • Issue resolved where Individual Profile Business card role filter caused incorrect status counts
  • Issue resolved where Security Filters were incorrectly allowing visibility into deleted users
  • Issue resolved where Rating Elements with HTML formatting were not displaying correctly in assessment forms
  • Issue resolved where analytic status tile counts were not including safety critical / critical competency assessments
  • Issue resolved where ‘User Type’ custom field objects were not displaying correctly when imported
  • Issue resolved where ‘Is Full’ logic was not applying correctly on POST Maintain Organization API
  • Issue resolved where Experience Form History tab not displaying data.
  • Issue resolved where applying custom field value to object would remove any existing custom fields
  • Resolved issue where experience element export displayed deleted objects
  • Resolved issue with Quiz logic where removed possible answers were being counted against score
  • Resolved issue where user unable to answer previously unlocked questions
  • Resolved issue where Competency Experience Elements export template displayed deleted objects
  • Resolved issue where Quiz time out would not submit answered questions
  • Resolved issue where Custom URL launch button did not open in new tab
  • Resolved various issues where competency role to competency relationships were not appearing correctly. Areas affected: Assignment Matrix, Competency Role to Competency Export, and Competency Role Details slide over.
  • Resolved issue question driven rating element icon not displaying if rating element was equivalent
  • Resolved issue where Web Service transaction page did not sort by latest timestamp
  • Resolved several issues where competency equivalency not triggering recalculation to update status properly
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