Production Release, January 18, 2020

New Enhancements

Web Service Updates

  • New Web Service: POST Maintain Competency Role to Competency
  • Update to Get All User Assessments to display ‘Assessment Date’ for Learning Driven Competencies
  • Update to POST Maintain Competency Role - Including Parent Role Family
  • Enable Basic Auth method for API Web Services - outside existing API key setup, including Basic Auth user & password capability.
  • New Web Service: Get User Notification Count
  • Update Get User Competency Role, Get User Competency Role Completion Standard, and Get User Competency Role Completion Custom to include Role Family Filter

Experience Updates

  • Experience Scale Creation Update - Included ability to define available fields on experience form. When creating Experience Scale (Admin Functions > Configuration > Scales > Experience Scales) New step 3 included to configure form, allowing drag & drop capability from available objects. Drag the available objects from field library section to the field form section to enable those objects to be visible on experience form for that scale.
  • Experience Catalog - Added Experience Groups to store experience elements in hierarchical structure
    • Security: Security Role Setting (Admin Functions > Security > Security Roles) under the Administration tab of the security role, within the Competency Library group, there are settings to enable the Experience Group functionality.
    • Create/Edit - (Admin Functions > Competency Library > Experience Groups) Page houses existing Experience groups. Also included Tree View for Experience Hierarchy
      • Experience Element Edit/Create page updated to include Parent Experience Group selection
    • Import/Exports -
      • Import/Export created for Creating Experience Groups
      • Experience Element Import/Export updated to include Parent Experience Group
      • User Experience Elements Import created to capture user to experience element iterations
      • Rating Element Experience Elements Import created to capture relationship between rating elements and experience elements

Reporting Updates

  • Update to Status by Organization report to include % Competent column
  • Implemented latest report viewer control for a more modernized look to report output

Quiz Updates

  • Updated Verbiage from Questionnaire to Quiz
  • Updated labels for question group fields within question driven rating elements on assessment form
  • Updated UX/UI of question group mapping to quiz/rating element to display in hierarchy instead of dropdown list

Import/Export Updates

  • Update Competency Role Import - Including Role Family

Resolved Issues

  • Issue resolved for User Learning History Report to remove parameter prompt
  • Issue resolved where Hierarchical Role Family filter objects not displaying correctly in reports
  • Issue resolved where assessment status displayed about to expire outside of defined reminder period
  • Issue resolved where quizzes not displaying on individual dashboard
  • Issue resolved where Individual Profile Business card role filter caused incorrect status counts
  • Issue resolved where Security Filters were incorrectly allowing visibility into deleted users
  • Issue resolved where Rating Elements with HTML formatting were not displaying correctly in assessment forms
  • Issue resolved where analytic status tile counts were not including safety critical / critical competency assessments
  • Issue resolved where ‘User Type’ custom field objects were not displaying correctly when imported
  • Issue resolved where ‘Is Full’ logic was not applying correctly on POST Maintain Organization API
  • Issue resolved where Experience Form History tab not displaying data.
  • Issue resolved where applying custom field value to object would remove any existing custom fields
  • Resolved issue where experience element export displayed deleted objects
  • Resolved issue with Quiz logic where removed possible answers were being counted against score
  • Resolved issue where user unable to answer previously unlocked questions
  • Resolved issue where Competency Experience Elements export template displayed deleted objects
  • Resolved issue where Quiz time out would not submit answered questions
  • Resolved issue where Custom URL launch button did not open in new tab
  • Resolved various issues where competency role to competency relationships were not appearing correctly. Areas affected: Assignment Matrix, Competency Role to Competency Export, and Competency Role Details slide over.
  • Resolved issue question driven rating element icon not displaying if rating element was equivalent
  • Resolved issue where Web Service transaction page did not sort by latest timestamp
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