Beta Release, February 1, 2020

New Enhancements

Learning Resource Tab Updates

  • Update to Learning History section to include completion date and status for learning resources no longer associated to current assignments

Web Service Updates

  • Updated Service page to order Web Services by method then alphabetically per group

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved issue rendering competencies associated with deleted experience elements
  • Resolved individual matrix experience watermark visualization issue
  • Resolved quiz issue where question group results appeared to be duplicated
  • Resolved issue with competency details slide over not displaying when associated to deleted learning resources
  • Resolved issue where custom field values not displaying after import
  • Resolved issue where quiz details button would not render results after submitting question
  • Resolved various Previous Experience visualization issues
  • Resolved various question group to rating element visualization/rendering issues
  • Resolved issue where SFTP attachment import associated attachments to deleted assessment
  • Resolved issue where Development Plan was not rendering properly in IE11
  • Resolved issue where Rating Element descriptions were not rendering HTML formatted data properly
  • Resolved issue where Experience Scale configuration was not saving selections in Step 3
  • Resolved issue where duplicate external ids created for experience elements
  • Resolved issue where experience element creation through tree view navigated away from page when clicking back button.
  • Resolved issue where Resume template output displayed inactive and/or deleted user learning completions
  • Resolved issue where Status displayed incorrectly when expiration periods were associated to competencies
  • Resolved issues with learning driven competency equivalency not updating status correctly.
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